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The Leadership Growth Company established in 2010 offers a wide range of training solutions that will equip your Managers with the right motivation and ability to successfully lead business challenge and growth. We train Team Leaders, Middle & Senior Managers developing their talent and supporting the achievement of key strategic goals.

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Outdoor Training
April 14th, 2018

Does Tough Love have a place in Leadership?

The issue of Tough Leadership has been raised on more than one occasion during my client meetings, I must admit this caused some concern initially leaving me wondering exactly their definitions of tough love, fearing references to autocratic Leadership or indeed Psychopathic Leadership! Having explored this issue, it would seem a trend emerging that Managers

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Business Crowd
March 29th, 2018

Will Generation Y increase the need for Coaching Qualifications?

Previously I asked the question; Are you interested in creating a Coaching Culture? This was based on the research conducted by the ILM who firmly believe that coaching is a very powerful tool in the modern workplace. There is no doubt that since then the perceived benefits of a Coaching Culture within the Leadership ranks

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