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Will Generation Y increase the need for Coaching Qualifications?

Posted on 29th March 2018
Business Crowd

Previously I asked the question; Are you interested in creating a Coaching Culture?

This was based on the research conducted by the ILM who firmly believe that coaching is a very powerful tool in the modern workplace. There is no doubt that since then the perceived benefits of a Coaching Culture within the Leadership ranks has risen considerably and the demand for ILM Coaching Qualifications has grown alongside this.

But the question I am now asking is will the emerging Generation Y (born between 1983 & 1995) have an impact on the demand for future qualification and continue this growth trend? Research published last year by Hays has highlighted the growing influence of this generation and although I cannot claim to be within their age bracket I can empathise with their needs as employees. They want something different from their Leaders, they are more likely to be motivated by a leader who is a coach and mentor rather than by a traditional Leadership approach. In order words they want to learn, and they don’t want to be dictated to.

Whether you consider that they have the right to demand or not, the fact remains that if you want to attract the best and retain the best, a shift toward a Leadership coaching culture is becoming even more important. With that in mind then yes Coaching Qualifications have every chance of continuing to be and perhaps will be even more vital to the competitive edge of any growing organisation.